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Baron Are you interested in becoming part of our team? Here is some information to help you decide whether or not K9 Search and Rescue is for you. You must be 18 years of age or older. You must take a Community Emergency Response Team class offered through Sedgwick County Emergency Management. You may find information at the following website: www.sedgwickcounty.org/cert/index.html To become operational you must take and pass the NASAR SARTECH II class. You can get more information at: www.nasar.org If you plan on working with a dog, your dog must pass the AKC CGC test, be able to follow commands and work off lead. To be considered for the team, you must first attend an interested members meeting and will need to fill out an application. A background check will be required for acceptance on the team. If you decide you want to continue, we will have one on one interviews with each prospective member to find out more about you and you about us. You will be required to serve a probationary period, without your dog, to give you a chance to learn more about what goes into training and whether or not we are right for you and you for us. Please review the Team Membership Guidelines . We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our team.

Baron About you. Are you willing to put the needs of the victim first? This is not the place to become a hero or look for glory. We do our job solely to locate a missing or lost loved one. Are you willing to put in the many hours of training it will take to become a skilled and competent SAR technician? This is NOT a hobby. It takes hundreds of hours to become proficient in our duties. We will train as a team at least twice a week. You will be expected to continue training outside of formal training. In addition to field training, there will be a variety of classes you will and may need to attended, such as; CPR/AED, First Aid and Pet First Aid. Are you prepared for the financial commitment required? The initial cost is between $500 and $1500 to become a fully equipped member of our team. You will be provided with the NASAR SarTechTM II Minimum Personal Equipment List of items that are required to pass the NASAR test and must be purchased by you. These costs do not include vehicle maintenance, gas and reoccurring veterinarian expenses should you chose to work a dog. To be a member of this team you do not have to work a dog. We are always in need of people that can work Incident Command, handle forms and reports or work as flankers for the dog teams.

Ranger About your dog. Does your dog have a high play and/or pray drive? Does he or she socialize well with other dogs and people? Does your dog have a strong bond with you? You might have the canine we're looking for. If you plan on bringing a dog on to the team, he or she must be evaluated for temperament and obedience skills before being allowed into training. Your dog needs to be up to date on their shots, see our K-9 Health guidelines. If for any reason your dog does not pass the evaluation, you will be given the opportunity to correct any problems and be evaluated a second time. Failing a second evaluation may disqualify your dog from joining the team. Not all dogs are accepted on the team. Any dog that shows aggression towards another dog or to people will not be allowed in the group. Unfortunately not all dogs are meant for SAR work. This is the hardest part of K9 work to accept. You are still welcome to join without your dog. If your dog passes the evaluation and begins training, YOU will be expected to train your dog, in search work and obedience, with help from other members of the group. We do not take dogs to be trained for others. It may take up to 2 years to train a Search and Rescue canine. A lot of that depends on how much effort you put into training.

We are all here training towards the same goal and look forward to bringing new people into our group. While our training focuses on being prepared for any incident where we may be needed, we strive to have fun, with each other and with our dogs. If you feel that K9SARK is the team you've been looking for, send us an email at info@k9sark.org to learn more.

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